Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Rock Your Kitchen With Spice Racks

To press or not to press, that is the question! Garlic is undoubtedly high on the list of seasonings for many chefs and food lovers. It is found in foods worldwide, from main courses to side dishes. Honey garlic ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and the list goes on. Have I whetted your appetite? Desserts now can easily be made with this amazing here. Bake any of your favorite sweet treat like apple or pumpkin pie and dollop a huge serving of freshly whipped cream over it. You can make banana splits for snacks or rich milk shakes for the whole family. Your husband and children will surely love you even more. But he also has to put in a good word for Microplane zester/graters: "They keep my other cooks from zesting the white part of the citrus (which is very bitter) and also work great for the fresh horseradish I use with my oysters." An assortment of four Microplane zester/graters retails for around $50. Home appliances that look professional and have an array of features are the blenders that Cuisinart offers. 

User-friendly control panels with one button for crushing ice are some of the features. A feature that is very popular is the simple cleanup because many parts are dishwasher safe. One great piece of kitchen equipment that you will get a lot of use out of is the griddle pan. There are countless uses for a griddle pan. Some may include but are not limited to cooking burgers, pancakes, chicken, steak, French toast, bacon, eggs, potatoes, etc. the truth is that the griddle pan is a very versatile cooking pan. You can cook just about anything in it you want as long as it's not a specialty dish. 3) A good quality paring knife. 

Because the paring knife is small, people who are willing to part with a couple of hundred greenbacks for a chef's knife, will use a $5.00 paring knife from the grocery store. This is the ultimate multi-tasking device in the kitchen. You use it for cleaning strawberries and tomatoes, for testing the doneness of cakes and steaks, and as the cook's steak-knife, after you have passed all the Laguioles out to the company. This knife is your best friend, so drop a few bucks on a good one! Like all other kitchen tools which have a sharp edge or blades, you should know how to use them properly or you can easily cut off your finger. You don't really have to be a professional chef to use them.

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